uv printing processing price charges – how lower?

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The price of uv printing processing is affected by five factors, which also has the fluctuation of 10 US dollars to 30 US dollars per square meter seen in the market. The clearer the understanding, the more it can help users meet their order processing needs at a lower cost.

1. Processing subject

Different entities have different costs: factory price<company price<self-employed price<intermediary price. However, factories often require a large order quantity, generally 500 ≥ ㎡, companies between 100-500 ㎡, and self-employed individuals have relatively lower quantity requirements. Among them, we need to pay attention to the middlemen. They generally do not have UV printers for processing, but they can obtain orders through online and offline channels, transfer them to processing factories for printing, earn the difference, and often have a long delivery time.

2. Quantity

The more printing materials, the more uniform the shape of the picture. If there is no need to make special molds and repeated positioning by the operator, the price will be reduced to US$4.2/㎡. On the contrary, the smaller the quantity, the irregular pattern itself, and each one is different. If it needs to be customized individually, the cost will be 12 US dollars/㎡ or even higher.

3. Machine consumables

The higher the price of the uv printer itself and the consumables for material printing and processing, the higher the cost will be if the wool comes out of the sheep. If the requirements of printing materials for pattern accuracy and adhesion can be met, if the price of the equipment itself is low, the printing price will be reduced. This can be understood by asking the processing factory to take pictures of the side of the equipment.

4. Different industries

The more competitive industries in the Red Sea, such as the advertising industry, the lower the price will be. On the contrary, in some unpopular industries, such as floor mats, saw blades, etc., the processing charges for these are relatively high, usually 50% higher than the charges for the same area in the advertising industry.

5. The degree of technology

The more and more complicated the pre-press and post-press processing processes required for the material itself, the higher the price. Like making a 3D relief background wall, it requires high-brightness and waterproof effects. This requires the use of engraving machines, laminating machines, sandblasting machines, shower coating machines, and other processes, and the printing price will inevitably be above US$18/㎡. On the contrary, the material only needs ordinary color printing and does not need 3D embossing and other processes, so the fee is very low.

In addition, it is also affected by logistics costs, billing factors… This depends on how the two parties negotiate in the communication.


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