What are digital printing and reactive inks?

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What is Digital Printing?  

Through the principle of digital inkjet, the printing ink is directly sprayed on the cloth or transfer paper, because of its fast reaction speed, there is no need for plate making; Low proofing cost, and good effect; The advantages of wide application range are gradually replacing traditional screen printing such as flat screen and round screen.  

What is active ink?  

Ink is named according to the type of fabric it suits best! Reactive ink is one of the most suitable and commonly used dye inks such as cotton, linen, viscose, etc., which is manifested by bright color and high color fastness; The coloring principle is an ink that combines the active ink with the fiber molecule after a chemical reaction and covalent bonding.  

It should be noted that the UV ink used in the 6090 UV printer is not suitable for printing patterns on the material of cotton, linen, and other textile materials, and special textile ink can be used.


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