What are the 10 questions that customers often ask about UV printers?

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1. Why are the machines from other manufacturers so much cheaper than yours?

In fact, it is very simple: the materials used are different, as small as an ink sac. Some manufacturers use an ink sac of $1, and some manufacturers use an ink sac of $3. Secondly, some manufacturers do tricks on the motherboard, engage in encryption, and collect them once every 3 months. Decryption fee; in the end, hoarding nozzles is excessive, raising prices or refurbishing and assembling with second-hand parts.

2. How long is your machine warranty?

All machines have a 1-year warranty, free maintenance guidance, and lifetime after-sales.

3. How long is the service life of the machine?

The service life of the machine is 10-15 years, the life of the nozzle is 1-2 years, and the service life of other electronic components is 2-4 years. Actual life is closely related to work intensity and routine maintenance.

4. How much does it cost to print a square meter?

In production mode: printing one square meter consumes 5ml-7ml, and the cost is between 0.3 US dollars and 1 US dollar. The specific cost depends on the pattern accuracy, the number of relief layers, etc.

5. How long is the color preservation time of the printed product?

Usually 15-20 years indoors and 5-8 years outdoors; the post-treatment process of varnish can prolong the storage life by 1 time.

6. Can your machine replace silk screen printing and heat transfer printing?

Can’t. Each printing equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is good equipment to meet its own material requirements and reduce costs. Our equipment is mainly used for private customization, 3D relief, and other high-value-added material processing.

7. Where to buy consumables, do you have to use yours?

Consumables are purchased from our factory, which can ensure the normal use of the ink system, print head, and the whole machine. You can also use consumables purchased from other channels, but the problems that occur are not covered by the warranty, and you need to bear all the costs.

8. What is the scope of the warranty, and is there a charge for after-sales service?

The whole equipment and parts are within the scope of the warranty, and the warranty period is 1 year, and the consumables (ink sacs, ink tubes, etc.) are not covered by the warranty. The after-sales service is free for 1 year. If the warranty period exceeds the warranty period, the user needs to bear the round-trip toll and the daily service fee of the technician.

9. Does your machine support upgrade and what is the cost?

Support upgrade. Our company’s equipment is designed in accordance with the standard of industrial machines and uses corresponding parts. Its quality, life, stability, and error are higher than those of civilian equipment, and can be upgraded within 10 years. The cost is based on the level of your upgraded configuration, and you can pay for the corresponding parts of the print head, main board, and ink circuit.

10. Does your device support installment payment?

Installment payment is not supported, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is required to purchase the equipment, and the balance of 70% shall be paid before the equipment is shipped. Remittances can be made by cash or bank transfer.


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