What are the advantages and applications of UV flatbed printers?

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Since its development and application, the UV flatbed printer has been continuously improved and is widely known in all walks of life, such as decoration, personalized printing, gift processing, glass manufacturing, exhibitions, and other industries. UV flatbed printers can print a wide range of materials, such as PVC, wood, acrylic, glass, metal, and other materials. The reason why UV flatbed printers can be used so widely is because of the unique advantages of UV flatbed printers.

UV flatbed printer advantage below:

  1. The UV flatbed printer uses imported environmentally friendly UV ink. When printing images, it can be sprayed and dried, and the investment threshold is low. It is a popular project for many companies to invest. UV flatbed printers are of high quality, cost-effective, and use the most advanced LED cold light source technology without radiation.

2. The surface temperature of the inkjet material of UV flatbed printer is low, and it is not deformed, and it can be lit instantly without preheating. The power consumption is usually between 72W and 144W. The traditional mercury lamp is 3KW, and the LED has a long service life. , Up to 30,000 hours.

3. The UV flatbed printer adopts imported high-quality nozzles, the size of its ink dots can be intelligently distributed, and its accuracy is higher than that of traditional printers. The high-speed and high-quality printing of UV flatbed printers allows corporate customers to find more business opportunities in the fierce market competition. , So as to take the initiative. Compared with traditional printers, UV printers are safer and more environmentally friendly.

4. The nozzle of a UV flatbed printer has anti-collision function, which can avoid damage caused by misoperation to a certain extent. UV flatbed printers can be expanded and upgraded with different configurations according to the needs of corporate customers, thereby improving the cost-effectiveness of UV printers. UV flatbed printers can print white ink, whether it is black or transparent materials. UV flatbed printers can be double-white and can also use varnish to print. UV flatbed printers are the perfect presentation of color and accuracy. It is equipped with varnish and white ink, which can provide a fuller sensual white and varnish.

5. The UV flatbed printer adopts a medium automatic positioning system, which makes the operation more convenient for enterprise users. At the same time, it can also automatically adjust the height of the nozzle according to the thickness of the medium, so that the degree of automation of production has been improved to a certain extent, and the quality of image output has also been improved. Great improvement. The automatic cleaning function of the UV printer nozzle can also be controlled by software. The maintenance of the nozzle of the UV flatbed printer is very intelligent. Therefore, in the printing process, its automatic cleaning function can ensure the continuous printing output of the UV printer.

6. UV flatbed printers are playing an increasingly important role in all walks of life, and their increasingly perfect functions are recognized and favored by the majority of corporate customers. Only by understanding the advantages of UV flatbed printers, can corporate users be more comfortable in their application, and UV printers can take advantage of its advantages and be more profitable for the majority of corporate customers.


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