What are the advantages of advertising sign printers?

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Advertising sign printers, also known as UV inkjet printers, are a new technology developed at the end of the 20th century. It combines the technological revolution of inkjet printing technology, the traditional printing direction of modern digital printing methods, and UV inkjet printing technology has achieved unprecedented development. The advantages of ultraviolet curing technology, as well as the convenience of inkjet printing technology in use and operation, also combine the advantages of curing technology in efficiency and physical properties. With the continuous development of computer, network technology and printing equipment, UV inkjet printing technology is constantly being updated and improved. The printing industry is facing a transition from inkjet digital printing to a pressureless printing method, without the need to output film, and make printing. It uses computer graphics and text information to control the piezoelectric crystals, so that the ink in the nozzle of the advertising sign printer is ejected from the very fine nozzle under a certain pressure, and sprayed on the printing material to form graphics and text. information. The composition of UV inkjet ink is similar to that of traditional UV ink, mainly composed of pigments, prepolymers, diluting monomers, photoinitiators and other additives. Traditional inkjet inks are generally divided into water-based inks, oil-based inks and solvent inks. Compared with traditional inkjets, UV inkjets have the following advantages:

Traditional solvent-based inks have a negative impact on the environment

The solvent content of traditional solvent-based inks is as high as about 90%, and a large amount of VOC emissions have a negative impact on the environment. In recent years, the country has been very strict in environmental protection inspections, which has caused many traditional silk screen printing industries to be closed, and some are crisis-conscious in advance. Are slowly transforming. The UV ink is a green, non-toxic, and VOC-free ink with low energy requirements and a more environmentally friendly printing process, reducing the chance of operators being exposed to harmful pollutants.

UV curing ink is easy to clean, no nozzle blockage

UV curing ink will not dry and solidify at the inkjet head, will not block the nozzle, and effectively reduce the cleaning work of the nozzle.

Can be carried out on a variety of substrates

UV inkjet printing can be carried out on a variety of substrates, such as flexible, rigid, absorbable or non-absorbent materials, with a wider selection of substrates and a wide range of applications.

Water-proof and fade-proof, high-resolution and high-definition images

UV inkjet can realize the printing of high-resolution and high-definition images, with bright colors, waterproof and anti-fading characteristics, and better abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance.

The operation is simple and convenient, one person can complete

Save a lot of manpower and material resources, the advertising sign printer only needs one person, a computer, and a machine to easily complete the printing, and the effect is comparable to the photo.


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