What are the advantages of Japan’s Seiko SPT head?

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Seiko SPT heads are produced by Seiko Electronics Group of Japan. Seiko was first known to the world for the production of precision clocks. Now it has quite strong strength and foundation in the production of package piezoelectric heads. In terms of stability, As high as the Seiko watches it produces.

The SPT head is finally designed by combining the performance advantages of all previous heads. While focusing on the advantages of the past, it is also mainly reflected in:

a. The main performance is the all-stainless steel design, with super durable life, up to 3 years.

b. The voltage of the print head can change with the temperature, so it can reduce the trouble of ink breaking caused by external factors such as the temperature of other print heads in the past.

c. The data port of its head can adapt to different printing software, and the printing density is also longer than the previous head.

d. It can be produced in a variety of modes, the ink dot particles are 35PL and 12PL, the highest standard precision is 720DPI and 1440DPI, and the color saturation is impeccable.

e. The print width of the print head is 75mm, which is 4 times that of the ordinary print head, and it can output quickly.

f. It has a wide range of applications and has been used in the scope of industrial and commercial printing.

g. The cost is lower and tends to be popularized.

Main application series of heads in the domestic inkjet market:

SEIKO SPT 255 35PL Effective print bar width 35.7mm


SEIKO SPT 255 GS Grayscale

SEIKO SPT 510 35PL Effective print bar width 71.8mm

SEIKO SPT 510 60PL Effective print bar width 71.8mm

SEIKO SPT 1020/35PL Effective print bar width 71.8mm

SEIKO SPT508GS/12,24,36,48,60,72,84PL Effective print bar width 71.8mm

SEIKO SPT254/35PL effective print bar width 35.7mm

SEIKO SPT255GS 15,29,43PL Ignition frequency: 14KHZ 180dpi, Applicable ink: Aq/solvent/UV/oil


SPT1024GS 360dpi Ignition frequency: 14KHZ Printing width: 73.17mm 7PL

RC512 circulating print head 20-150PL Ignition frequency: 9.5-37KHZ 8-level grayscale Applicable ink: Aq/solvent/UV/oil

RC1536GS circulating print head 1536 nozzles, 360dpi Ignition frequency: 14KHZ Printing width: 108.3mm 7-level grayscale 6/12/18/24/30/36/42PL Applicable ink: Aq/solvent/Uv/oil


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