What are the advantages of the operation and application of UV flatbed printers?

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1. UV flatbed printer automatic finishing system software:

The obvious effect of preventing nozzle clogging. According to the customer’s choice, the printer nozzles are automatically arranged in a variety of methods and the cycle time, so that nozzle clogging can be avoided.

2. Aspect ratio adjustment and mass setting:

The aspect ratio can be adjusted according to the packaging and printing items, and the horizontal portable vertical spouting structure is selected, which can quickly and freely apply a variety of materials. After easy placement, it can be automatically lifted to the appropriate copy aspect ratio, and achieve the ultimate color printing actual effect. And you can set the full automatic feeding time for mass production at will, eliminating the need for repeated computer operations.

3. The actual operation is simple and fast:

No need to print plate making and repeat overprinting steps, the actual operation is simple and easy to protect and maintain

4. The UV flatbed printer will not be damaged by the object materials:

You can use a variety of colors in materials (metal materials, plastic, marble, leather products, wood, metal materials, laminated glass, amethyst, acrylic sheet, copperplate paper) and products (small component storage boxes, wallets, bags) The colorful graphic and text printing service items of the unfolded image on the surface, such as bags, trademarks, logos, horizontal plaques, etc.) It is easy to deform soft materials (such as leather products and textile products) for packaging and printing.


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