What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers?

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1. Characterized printing products:

It can customize various advertising posters, like highway billboards, and commercial square posters, and might also manufacture outdoor photo advertisements, background walls, and other products. The UV printer machine can carry very heavy materials and encompasses a long time period.

2. Large format printing skills:

Large-format printing skills are now well-known and are now employed in more and more fields. Our common elevator advertisements, car body advertisements, terminus advertisements, LED screen advertisements, etc., with the emergence of UV printer technology, fundamentally change this case. The UV printer can better change this case, whether or not it’s more format printing, the UV printer is completed by splicing, then realizes the super large format printing.

3. a large range of market applications:

With the large-format inkjet, people are more and more alert to the unprecedented expansion of its application fields, like car advertising, elevator advertising, neon lights, LED displays, and so on. The UV printer mainly integrates proofing, and printing, and has customization. it’s the benefits of easy operation, high efficiency, no pollution, low investment, and high return.

4. Diversified printing materials:

Printing materials include ceramic tiles, glass, acrylic, advertising cloth, glossy photo paper, PP glue, and fabrics like silk and high fineness. With outstanding surface quality, these printed materials have the benefits of high strength, durability, and sturdiness, and are suitable for outdoor use or indoor long-term storage. In terms of decoration, our common background wall printing, 3D printing, 5D effect printing, 8D effect printing, and then on.


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