What are the advantages of UV printer printing?

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With the development of UV printers, technology has become more and more mature. Compared with traditional printing equipment, the advantages of UV printers are gradually expanding. This is the general trend. I believe that it can replace traditional printing machines in the near future. Introduce some of the main advantages.

First of all, the printing materials are very wide

As long as it is a flat material or a material close to a flat surface, it can basically be printed. It can be printed on ceramic tiles, glass, wood, leather, metal signs, soft films, lightboxes, acrylic, and many other materials in the advertising industry. The application fields cover various lines. Various industries, because of the diverse application industries, can meet the individual needs of people, such as mobile phone case customization, luggage, packaging boxes, T-shirts, and so on.

Then there is the high precision and high stability of UV printers

Large-scale printing equipment requires long-term uninterrupted operation, so the stability of the machine must be maintained. Only in this way can printed products meet customer requirements and also meet the needs of mass production.

The UV printer is integrally formed, with no plate-making and printing

The UV lamp dries quickly, which is equivalent to being used immediately. Compared with the traditional printing machine, it undoubtedly omits many processes and saves a lot of time. The printing process does not produce waste gas and wastewater, which is in line with the green production process.

The last is the printing effect

UV printer print head multi-color printing, the effect is vivid, the color is rich in layers, and it can display the relief effect, 3D effect, and varnish effect. It is widely used in the decoration and advertising industries. This is what traditional printers cannot do.

        With the continuous development of UV printers, the advantages will become more and more prominent. There are still many advantages. I will not give examples one by one. If you want to know more UV printer information, you can contact our marketing staff online, we will be dedicated to Your service.


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