What are the advantages of UV printer UV inkjet ink?

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UV printers bring more and more convenience and speed to our daily work. The most commonly used ink for flatbed printers is UV inkjet ink, which also brings various benefits to our daily life, and flatbed printers use The piezoelectric nozzle technology of the company providing a development opportunity for the new field of inkjet ink. The advantages of UV inkjet inks are not only traditional advantages but also operational advantages. Here Micolorprint will briefly talk with you.

1. No volatile organic compounds.

2. Low energy demand.

3. Fast curing.

4. Suitable for a variety of soft and hard substrates.

5. It will not be cured before UV lamp irradiation.

6.No blocking of the nozzle, no need to clean the nozzle.

7. The ink composition is stable.

8. Good printing quality and resistance, more resistance to friction, water, and light.

9.No ink waste. 

Because UV inkjet ink has the above advantages, it is developing very fast in the market at present, and there is a trend to replace traditional inkjet ink. Micolorprint printers use UV inkjet inks to be able to print and dry immediately, and the finished product is ready to be printed. It is convenient, fast, and has a clear and realistic printing effect, which can meet any flat material printing. We, Micolorprint, are a manufacturer of flatbed printers with complete models. Just choose the right one, don’t buy the expensive one, Micolorprint, you are always welcome!


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