What are the benefits of UV printer varnish?

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Whether UV printer products need varnish, this is specified according to the designer or customer’s requirements. The pattern surface is covered with varnish. This process is to make the surface of the printed matter achieve the predetermined artistic creative effect, and at the same time enhance the light resistance of the pattern, Dirt resistance, wear resistance, improve the heat and moisture resistance of the substrate, and play a role in protecting imprints and beautifying decorative products.

The glazing process of universal flatbed printers can be divided into overall glazing, partial glazing, matting glazing, and artistic glazing.

These processes have their own advantages:

  1. The overall effect of varnish is to protect the printed matter and improve the surface gloss of the printed matter.
  2. The partial glazing oil for universal printers generally glazes the graphics and text parts that need to be emphasized on the printed matter. The high-gloss picture of the glazing part is compared with the low-gloss picture without the glazing part, which produces a wonderful artistic effect.
  3. UV matte varnish is used for flat-panel printer matting and varnishing, which is the opposite of the effect of ordinary varnishing. It reduces the gloss on the surface of the printed matter, thereby producing a special effect.
  4. The role of UV flatbed printer art glazing oil is to make the surface of the glazing product obtain a special artistic effect, making the printed matter look magnificent, noble and elegant.

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