What are the characteristics of the printing process of the mobile phone case printer?

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The 21st century is an era that shows individuality. Everyone likes to show unique things to themselves. Now we use mobile phones the most. The so-called mobile phone is there. As long as the mobile phone is not in hand, there is no sense of security. The data shows Everyone replaces the phone case every three months on average. It can be seen that the phone case is a blue ocean market, and the upstream industry is also a blue ocean. Phone case printers are also very popular. They can print the personalities and beautiful patterns that customers love, which can make their phones unique. , To show your own personality, Micolorprint mobile phone case printer can print 100 high-definition products in one hour.

Micolorprint mobile phone case printer is also called UV flatbed printing machine. It is a high-tech inkjet printing digital printing equipment that does not contact the object. It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional printing machines and can print on any material surface without plate making. , It is not limited by pattern and color registration. It can complete printing at one time, with beautiful colors, lifelike effects, waterproof images, sun protection, strong abrasion resistance, strong adhesion, and no fading. The machine is easy to operate and stable in performance, which can meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent and provide perfect solutions. 

Micolorprint UV flatbed printing machine has the following application advantages:

1. Satisfy individual needs: 

UV printing machines can meet the individual needs of users to the greatest extent, give full play to the creative talents of the designer, and can modify the design draft on the computer at will. The effect displayed on the computer is the effect of printing the finished product. , After the customer is satisfied, it can be made directly.

2. The machine has a fast response speed and a short working cycle: 

Traditional printing usually takes several days or even dozens of days from design, and proofing to final product delivery. However, it only takes 1 to 2 hours to get the finished product using the UV flatbed printing machine, and it can also be mass-produced without restriction. After printing, it is the finished product, and does not require post-printing processes such as steaming and washing; it is highly flexible, and after the customer selects the solution, it can be printed out and delivered in a short time. It has truly realized the production process of one-piece printing, small batch, multiple varieties, and rapid response.

3. The machine is easy to operate and has strong stability: 

The printing process of the mobile phone case flat-panel printing machine is all controlled by the computer. From order to production, it is not affected by environmental and human factors. The patterns are stored in digital format to ensure the consistency of printing colors. . The authenticity rate is high, and multiple color patterns can be printed at one time without the need for alignment. In the new century of highlighting individualization, the flatbed printing machine will definitely do a lot. Nowadays, UV printing machines have been used in all walks of life. Designers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and consumers all over the world have found that UV flatbed printers can obtain personalized products with low cost and high quality, and the products are water-resistant, durable, and can be used for a long time.

4. The image is rich in color and clear and lifelike: 

It is difficult for traditional printing equipment to print more than 10 colors, while the universal printing machine has rich colors and uses four-color plus spot color technology, which can print 16.7 million colors, which greatly expands the design The design space of the scheme enhances the product grade. The prints printed by the UV printer have fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high artistic quality, and strong three-dimensionality, and they can also print their own photography and painting patterns.

5. Green and environmental protection, reduce pollution: 

No water will be produced during the printing process of the flatbed printing machine. The printing process is controlled by computer, inkjet on demand, no waste, no waste water pollution, and no noise during the printing process, truly realizing pollution-free green production.

In general, 90% of Micolorprint mobile phone case printing machines are in use in the industry, with fast production capacity and saturated colors, which are suitable for both mass production and small-volume production.


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