What are the core factors for UV DTF transfer film printers to print high-quality products?

Table Of Contents

1. High-quality requirements for patterns.

The pixels are above 300dpi, and the vector graphics (pdf, ai, PSD, cdr format) are better. The printing effect is directly related to the image file. If the image file is not clear, the printed effect will be unsatisfactory.

2. The quality of UV ink is better, so the color performance is guaranteed.

Inferior ink prints with a color difference, rough and matt, easily causes problems such as oblique spraying and clogging of the nozzle, which reduces the service life of the nozzle.

3. Choose a suitable printing curve.

The printing curve of a UV DTF transfer film flatbed printer can be said to correspond to different colors, and different curves print different colors.

4. Choose a suitable printing mode.

One-way or two-way, 4pass or 8pass or 16pass, etc. The larger the number of passes, the higher the accuracy.

5. Pre-treatment process, whether the coating is needed, etc.

Special materials like silica gel require layers.


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