What are the correct maintenance techniques for UV flatbed printer heads?

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As the application of uv flatbed printers becomes more and more widespread, the maintenance of the machine has begun to be valued by people, because the correct maintenance method can not only reduce some unnecessary troubles but also save a lot of maintenance costs.

We know that the core component of the UV flatbed printer is the nozzle, so it is very important to do a good job in the maintenance of the nozzle. Here are some correct maintenance methods for the nozzle for reference:

1. Experts suggest that the best operating room temperature for UV flatbed printers is 23°C-28°C.

If the machine is used for a long time, the printing is not clear and the head is clogged. When the temperature is too high, the ink volatilizes faster, and the ink after opening is not used for a long time, which may cause the printing to change color, and the change of temperature will also cause the color Variety.

2. If there is lubricating oil on the head, it will cause a “serious blockage” of the head.

Before turning on the machine every morning, clean the dirt on the guide rod first. When lubricating the guide rod, be careful not to let the lubricating oil drip into the ink tray. If there is lubricating oil on the nozzle, it will cause The nozzle to be “severely clogged”.

3. The surface of the head and the small scraper of the pump attachment should also be cleaned and dried with alcohol.

After the machine finishes its work every day, the dirt on the surface of the nozzle must be cleaned, and the small scraper of the pump attachment must also be cleaned with alcohol.

4. Before shutting down after getting off work every day, let the printer head return to the initial position (the printer head will automatically return to the initial position when the printer is paused).

The advantage of this is to reduce the waste of ink in the operation of re-cleaning the nozzle when the printer is turned on next time, and the nozzle can be sealed by the protective cover in the initial position, so that the nozzle is not easy to be blocked.

The UV flatbed printer head is a very precise part. Although it is a bit troublesome to maintain, I hope everyone will pay attention to it. Don’t wait for the problem to appear and then repair it.


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