What are the disadvantages of UV flatbed printers?

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The problems that often occur in UV flatbed printers are mainly concentrated on the nozzle and ink.

First of all, the nozzles are most likely to be blocked due to excessive printing time, improper use of ink, or long-term unused use.

Of course, if the quality of the ink used is not good, it will also cause the nozzle holes to be blocked and affect the printing quality. In severe cases, the nozzles may even be scrapped. Of course, some seemingly scrapped nozzles cannot work just because the nozzle holes are blocked. At this time, we can restore their printing function by simply flushing.

        For the normal printing but lack of color or strokes, or the slight clogging of the image under high resolution, it can generally be solved by using the nozzle cleaning program that comes with the UV printer. However, it should be noted that once a slight nozzle blockage such as lack of strokes or poor color is found, the cleaning procedure should be used to clean it in time. During the printing process, the machine frequently fills ink or cleans the nozzle holes, but the printing effect is still poor or the nozzle is seriously blocked, the machine cannot be filled with ink, or the UV printer refuses to work, then only manual cleaning method can be used.

       Although the manual cleaning method is not complicated, because the nozzle needs to be disassembled, the cleaning times should not be too frequent. The manual cleaning method is to use a syringe and a rubber tube that can be put on the needle, cleaning solution, a magnifying glass about ten times, and a hard plastic knife. After removing the nozzle, use a magnifying glass to carefully find the nozzle that is blocked in the nozzle hole, and then use a syringe to inject the cleaning solution into the nozzle hole. If necessary, a hard plastic knife can be used to scrape off the residue on the edge of the nozzle hole.

Secondly, it is the ink of the UV printer.

The ink consumption of UV printers is very large, especially after the nozzles work for a long time, the ink has an impact on the nozzles and the printed image, so the wear and ink accumulation that occurs will also affect the quality of the printed image. Therefore, the correct selection of ink and the correct maintenance of nozzles are issues that every UV printer user cannot ignore in use.

Finally, for UV printers that have been out of use for a long time.

(For example, during the New Year, National Day, and long holidays), it is best to clean the entire ink supply system of the UV printer with cleaning fluid and place it to avoid blockage of the nozzle holes.


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