What are the disadvantages of UV flatbed printers?

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Nothing in the world is perfect. There are advantages and disadvantages. What we have to do is to enlarge the advantages and avoid the disadvantages as much as possible. The same is true for the purchase and use of flatbed printers. We used to talk about the advantages of uv printers, but avoided discussing its shortcomings. Here are the shortcomings of Micolorprint printers? And how does Micolorprint avoid these shortcomings?

   One of the most obvious shortcomings is the high price.

        The current market prices are USD5380, USD6380, and sometimes USD7380. For some small businesses or individuals who want to buy flatbed printers, the initial investment is very large, which discourages many people. As a well-known brand in China’s flatbed printer industry, Micolorprint printers have always won with quality, quality and service, but what can be guaranteed is that the price of Micolorprint printers in the same industry, the same model, and the same quality will definitely make you the best satisfying.

  In terms of the price of flatbed printers, it should also be noted that when buying UV flatbed printers, many customers do not have enough rational thinking about the temptation of low prices. They think that the machines are all the same, as long as they can buy the cheapest one, they don’t consider it at all. What is most suitable for me, I don’t consider the cost of using the machine and the after-sales service of the manufacturer, but because of the price, I gave up the services and products of an honest company. After I bought it back, problems occurred, which was very disturbing. It’s not worth it.

   It is difficult to maintain the flatbed printer later.

        Since UV printers are an emerging industry that has just emerged in recent years, and R&D technology is still in continuous progress, various manufacturers are also mixed in good and bad, and the quality of each product is also uneven. Some unscrupulous manufacturers have no after-sales service at all, and everything will be fine after the customer fudges the purchase, and will no longer care about future problems. Although most manufacturers also have after-sale guarantees, customers are distributed all over the world, and after-sales services are troublesome. This is not the case with Micolorprint printers.

 We used to talk about the advantages of flatbed printers, but avoided talking about its shortcomings. Above we talked about the two shortcomings of UV flatbed printers. Here, Micolorprint printers will talk to you about the shortcomings of flatbed printers. And how does Micolorprint avoid these shortcomings?

   The flatbed printer is slower than the traditional printing speed.

        The speed of the flatbed printer and the traditional printing speed is only relative. Although the flatbed printer prints a few square meters in an hour when printing high-precision patterns, it is a one-time color printing. The finished product is the finished product after printing, while the traditional printing It requires multiple sets of procedures such as plate making and repeated color registration to complete, and any one of the procedures is a waste product. In order to print patterns better and faster, Micolorprint UV flatbed printers have made great changes during design and development. At present, Micolorprint printers have three basic printing modes, namely high-precision, normal printing, and fast printing for users to choose. Moreover, users can customize the printing mode and adjust the printing speed and printing accuracy according to the actual situation.

   Flatbed printers can only print flat materials, not curved surfaces.

         It means that the printing material must be flat. If the arc of the material is too large or the concave-convex surface drop is too large, the UV flatbed printer is not suitable. At present, the entire flatbed printer industry has no good solutions to this situation, and many manufacturers are also in the process of research and development, and the same is true for Micolorprint.

   The UV machine has requirements for the width and height of the printing material, which is not suitable for large-format printing.

        At present, some manufacturers on the market do not have independent research and development capabilities. Most of their products are modified from Epson printers or photo printers. The print format is very small, and some large-format printing such as glass, ceramic tiles, and background walls cannot be completed, which cannot meet the market business needs. In order to solve this problem, Micolorprint flatbed printer has independently developed its own version of the industrial UV flatbed inkjet printer, which is very suitable for long-term, large-format and mass printing work such as glass background walls and large-format advertisements. The 6090 flatbed printer designed and developed by Micolorprint Printing has a maximum printing height of 50cm, which is a leader in the entire industry. It can be used to print any exquisite patterns on the outer packaging of ultra-high gift boxes, which can increase the gift level infinitely; Printing makes products more artistic and higher value; it can be used to spray artistic patterns on furniture to create high-quality home life; it can spray patterns on home furnishings to open up a new world of interior decoration.

        We know that nothing in the world is perfect. There are advantages and disadvantages. What we have to do is to enlarge the advantages and avoid the disadvantages as much as possible. In the daily production process, avoid the shortcomings of the flatbed printer, make full use of its advantages, and create wealth for ourselves.


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