What are the evaluation standards for UV flatbed printer patterns?

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1. UV flatbed printers first require accurate printing.

The four corners of the pattern, the edges of the picture, and the layers in the picture must be printed very accurately, without ghosting and dark marks.

2. The UV flatbed printer prints neatly and flawlessly.

The screen and the blank parts should be clean and tidy, free from scratches and dirty spots. Flatbed printers should print uniformly. The dark and light-tuned inks must be uniform, and the density must be consistent, with no sticks, and no different shades of handwriting.

3. The UV flatbed printer has clear graphics and text.

The image is clear, the contours are real, the texture is strong, and there is no blur or halo. The writing strokes are clear and beautiful, without broken lines, thickening, or small.

4. There should be no see-through due to the high transparency of the paper.

There should be no quality problems such as through-printing due to high transparency of the paper, through-printing due to ink penetration, smearing due to stacking, and defects such as spots, wrinkles, dust, folds, and holes on the printed items of UV flatbed printers. And defects.

5. The original image should be 95% reducible.

The reproducibility of the pattern printed by the machine is 95% of the original image, and the remaining 5% takes into account the resolution of the display and the deviation of the naked eye.

Only when the UV flatbed printer’s pattern printing standard meets the above five requirements, can the machine be of high quality, and the software and ink provided are also qualified.


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