What are the factors that affect the print quality of universal flatbed printers?

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The same universal flatbed printer, other people’s printing effect is excellent, why your own printing effect is much inferior? Is it a machine quality problem? In fact, there are external factors that affect print quality.

1. The technical problem of the operator.

Before using the universal flatbed printer, is there any work such as machine debugging and pre-color calibration? These simple problems often affect print quality.

2. Whether the ink uses qualified products.

There are many kinds of inks suitable for universal flatbed printers on the market, and it is very important to choose qualified inks. Poor quality ink not only has poor print quality but also affects the life of the machine.

3. Whether the printing material used is suitable.

Universal printers cannot print patterns on all materials, such as materials with uneven surfaces, it is impossible to print good results.


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