What are the five common problems of UV ink?

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UV ink is the main consumable for UV printers. Its quality and quality not only directly affect the effect of printing patterns, but also affect the life of the head and the life of the entire ink system. So, for UV ink, what are the 5 questions frequently asked by customers?

1: Is UV ink environmentally friendly?

UV ink does not contain VOCs that are harmful to the human body, but uncured UV ink cannot be in direct contact with the human body. Long-term direct contact with UV ink may cause irritation to the skin and eyes or even chemical allergies to the skin. Operators are required to receive professional training, and front-line operators wear protective gloves, protective eyes, protective aprons, and protective boots, so as to avoid direct contact between uv ink and the body.

2: What is the difference between uv ink and eco-solvent ink?

UV ink and eco-solvent ink are two different printing consumables. UV ink can be directly sprayed on the surface of the material to form a coating. Eco-solvent ink needs to be wiped off the coating before printing the pattern. Even after the pattern is printed, it needs to be baked in an oven at high temperature to dry, and the reject rate is high.

3: How long is the shelf life of UV-printed images outdoors?

Generally speaking, the quality can be guaranteed for 5-8 years (without post-treatment processes such as coating and varnish)). The shelf life of the image has a lot to do with the outdoor environment. If the outdoor environment is very harsh, such as frequent sun exposure, rain, strong wind, etc., the shelf life may be lower than 2 years. The shelf life of indoor uv printer images is at least ten years or more. Of course, the quality of UV ink will also affect the outdoor shelf life. The storage time of imported and expensive UV ink is longer than that of domestic uv ink.

4. How to store uv ink?

The UV ink should be placed in a cool and ventilated place indoors, placed on the shelf, not in a place, which will easily cause the solidification and precipitation of the internal ink. At the same time, nothing can be pressed on it, and open flames and flammable items cannot be placed nearby.

5. Can the uv ink be replaced at will?

No, blindly replacing the UV ink will not only reduce the quality of the printed pattern, but also shorten the life of the head. In severe cases, it will directly cause the head to be blocked and scrapped. The harm to the entire ink system is also very large.


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