What are the five core components of the UV DTF printer?

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A good quality UV DTF printer needs to have the two characteristics of high precision and high stability. The perfect combination of various parts of the whole machine can meet the high-load operation of the machine. So how do choose a good UV DTF printer? The five core components are the nozzle, the board, the curing lamp, the body, and the guide rail.

1, Head

        The print head is the core of the entire machine. All patterns need to be drawn by the print head. Therefore, the stability, speed, accuracy, and other indicators of the print head directly affect the production capacity and image quality. This is also the core point that consumers need to pay attention to when buying UV DTF printers. Try to choose mainstream print head brand products on the market. Don’t choose products that are of poor quality or are about to be phased out because of greed for cheap. Micolorprint UV DTF printers use mainstream industrial-grade and high-end print heads in the industry.

2, The Board

       The operation of the components of the board control equipment is the brain of the machine. Through the setting of the program, the machine can work in an orderly manner. The circuit system of the high-quality board is simple in design, the wire is durable and not easy to age, and it has good heat dissipation to avoid burning the board. The phenomenon occurs.

3, Curing lamp

       The function of the curing lamp is to accelerate the curing of the ink by irradiating ultraviolet rays with light and to meet the requirements of one-time molding so that the pattern can be firmly attached to the surface of the printing material. Nowadays, LED curing lamps are mainly used in the market. The advantages of energy saving and long life replace the previous mercury. lamp. Related recommendation: What is the difference between a mercury lamp and an LED lamp for a UV flatbed printer

4, The body

       The fuselage mainly refers to the structure of the machine. This is the basic platform for UV DTF printers. The quality and stability of the fuselage affect the printing life of the entire machine. The quality of the fuselage is not good, and errors and jitter are prone to occur during operation. The printing work seriously leads to the scrapping of the machine. Micolorprint adopts all-steel frame welding, and the five-axis gantry milling machine can be processed at one time, which is stable and does not shake, and does not change shape, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the machine assembly.

5, Guide rail

      The guide rail mainly supports the back-and-forth movement of the car head during printing, so the quality and stability of the guide rail are also very important for printing. Micolorprint uses a marble flat ruler to adjust the straightness (error less than 0.02mm) and parallelism (error less than 0.01mm) of the guide rail. , Can guarantee the precision positioning of UV DTF flatbed printer.

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