What are the main functions of the uv flatbed printer?

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The UV flatbed printer is mainly composed of an image processing system, servo motor and control system, ink circuit negative pressure control system and UV curing equipment, suction vacuum platform, and cooling system. The main functions of each system are as follows:

1. Image processing system: 

responsible for editing, drawing, ripping, etc. of patterns. Common software includes photoshop, Monte, etc.;

2. Servo motor and control system: 

control the movement of the trolley in the x, y, and z directions;

3. Ink circuit negative pressure control system:

It serves as the ink supply of UV ink and ensures normal ink transmission. The negative pressure system currently generally adopts automatic negative pressure regulation to prevent the unstable ink supply caused by manual adjustment of negative pressure.

4. UV curing equipment: 

It is responsible for the curing and drying of UV ink on the surface of the material. The mainstream is LED lamp ultraviolet curing, and a small amount of mercury lamp is used for high-temperature baking.

5. Suction vacuum platform: 

On the one hand, the substrate is placed, and on the other hand, the suction function can well fix the soft material to prevent it from lifting up and scratching the nozzle.

6. ​​Cooling system: 

It is used to dissipate heat from the central parts of the equipment to prevent rapid aging, performance degradation, unstable operation, and other conditions caused by excessive temperature. The common one is a water-cooled cycle and a breeze-cooled cycle.


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