What are the major reasons that affect UV flatbed printing?

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When the printing effect of UV flatbed printing is not good, have you done a self-check? In addition to the elements of the device itself, there may be other reasons.

1. Operating skills:

The use of UV flatbed printing is one of the factors that directly affect the printing effect, so the operator must be trained to get started so that high-quality products can be printed. When broad consumers stop purchasing UV flatbed printing, they can request manufacturers to provide corresponding technical training guidance and machine maintenance methods.

2. Coating disposal:

Part of the printed material needs to be equipped with a special coating so that the pattern can be printed on the surface of the material more satisfactorily. The disposal of the coating is very important. The first point must be average so that the coating will be evenly colored; secondly, the correct coating must be selected and cannot be mixed. At present, the coating is divided into hand-wiping coating and spraying.

3. UV ink:

UV flatbed printing needs to use special UV ink, which is sold by ordinary manufacturers. The quality of UV ink will directly affect the printing effect. For machines with different nozzles, choose different inks. Directly find the manufacturer to stop purchasing or use the ink recommended by the manufacturer. Because the manufacturers and uv ink manufacturers have stopped all kinds of distribution, there are links that are suitable for the nozzle.

4. Printing material:

The operator’s level of understanding of the material will also affect the printing effect. The UV ink itself will react with the printing material and will penetrate a certain percentage. Different materials have different levels of penetration, so the operator’s familiarity with the printing materials will affect the printing effect. Ordinary metals, glass, ceramics, wood boards, and other high-density materials; ink is difficult to penetrate; therefore, it is necessary to stop the disposal with the coating.

5. Elements of the picture itself:

When the UV flatbed printing is complete and there is no problem, think about whether it is an element of the printed picture itself. If the pixels of the picture itself are very ordinary, then there must be no good printing effect. Even if you stop refining the picture, you can’t achieve a higher-quality printing effect.


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