What are the operating methods for uv printers to save ink?

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1. Avoid the frequent startup

   When the UV printer starts, it will automatically check the equipment in multiple directions. In addition to cleaning the print head, the ink delivery system software will continue to automatically compensate for the ink, which will waste part of the black ink.

2. Collect printing as much as possible

  When using the device, do not print once every ten minutes. When you have to imitate a lot of things, it is recommended to imitate the raw materials to be imitated.

3. Use up the remaining ink

   When the equipment is about to run out of black ink, the printer will remind the customer to replace the printer cartridge and replace it immediately. In fact, there is a small amount of black ink remaining in the UV sugar-coated tablets. We can organize it several times according to the operation panel or the mobile software of the device itself and then use it again.

4. Replace the printer cartridge

  UV printer checks the amount of black ink in the printer cartridge according to the controller. If the controller detects that the black ink level is lower than the set value in the device, it will remind you to replace the printer cartridge. At this point, you can remove the printer cartridge to calibrate the internal controller, and admit to installing a new printer cartridge, so long-term operation can save a lot of black ink.


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