What are the precautions for disassembling and removing the head of the 6090 UV printer?

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1. The head surface of the 6090 UV printer head is extremely fragile, it must not be bumped, and it must be protected.

Its surface layer is an aluminum sheet, and therefore the inner layer is coated with an oscillator and a really small ink tube. Once touched, it’ll be concave, deformed, or maybe broken, and the head is scrapped;

2. watch out when installing the head.

Be sure to power off the 6090 UV printer first and install it in situ. After installation, gently push the trolley along with your hands to maneuver it left and right to test whether it’s smooth. Don’t power on after it’s installed, because if the top isn’t in situ, the trolley will easily break the pinnacle when it moves. , Strong controllability.

3. When connecting the plug cable, never bring ink.

When connecting the plug and cable, don’t bring ink, and confirm that it’s in good contact with the socket and doesn’t touch the feet, otherwise, it’ll cause the print head to be short-circuited and burned;

4. The steel shaft should even be clean and smooth.

Use paper towels to keep some oil to wipe, don’t directly add oil to the shaft, excess oil will flow to the head and cause damage.

5. After the mechanical and electrical circuits of the 6090 UV printer are all correct, it’s time to test the water circuit.

First, check whether the number of water within the cartridge is sufficient; second, check whether the tiny cleaning blade and therefore the ink pump are dirty.

6. there’ll be air within the newly installed head, so it’ll not print normally immediately. only when the air within the head is totally exhausted can the road be normal.

First of all, you’ll use intermittent cleaning (only 2 times at a time, and so 2 times after stopping for 30 minutes). Cleaning the print head repeatedly will cause ink accumulation within the cleaning pump, which is able to not only cause color mixing and ink leakage but also waste ink…

Secondly, you’ll print more pictures to permit the head to discharge air during work.

Once again, if the 6090 UV printer has led out the waste ink tube, you’ll be able to put off the facility first, then use a rubber tube to draw the waste ink tube until 3-5ML ink is drawn out, and so turn it on again, and clean it once with the machine. this is often cherished artificially pumping out the air within the head, and therefore the side effect is that it’s easy to cause the cleaning pump to assemble ink.


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