What are the precautions for the ink and head of UV flatbed printers?

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 UV flatbed printer in the use of a longer period of time later, there will be ink stains in the printhead accumulation affect the quality of the image repair, the correct choice of ink and maintenance of the printhead is very important.

The correct choice of ink

        Users should make a good choice of ink, the quality of ink not only determines the quality of the printed image, but also determines the life of the printhead. Universal flatbed printer ink manufacturing and its complex, whether the original ink is compatible ink, must meet the quality requirements of printing. As long as the ink quality is good, you can choose the cheap non-original high-quality ink. Of course the nozzle maintenance work should be done. The use of poor quality, or a long time to set aside not easy to block the printhead, thus affecting the print quality, and in serious cases even lead to the entire printhead scrapped. Universal flatbed printer printhead structure is not complex, the side facing the print media is covered with tiny holes, holes and nozzles inserted into the cartridge is connected, between the nozzle and the hole and often around the hole stagnant ink stains or impurities, as long as timely removal, the nozzle can resume normal function.

Maintenance printhead

        If you stop using the universal flatbed printer during the long holidays, it is best to uv flatbed printer the entire ink supply system with cleaning solution placed after cleaning to avoid clogging the nozzle holes. Many seem to scrap the printhead, just the spray hole is blocked and can not work properly, as long as the timely cleaning can restore the printing function. For the printing process, there is a lack of strokes or color, in the high resolution image blurred this situation, the use of uv printer comes with a cleaning program will be able to solve the problem. Once this phenomenon is found, you should use the cleaning program to clean the printhead as soon as possible. For the cleaning effect is not ideal, the machine can not be filled with ink, or uv printer refuses to work can only be cleaned manually. Manual cleaning requires disassembly of the printhead, and can not be cleaned frequently. Use a special syringe to inject the cleaning solution into the spray hole, repeatedly clean until the spray hole with cleaning out can be. If necessary, a hard plastic knife can be used to scrape the residue on the side of the spray hole, take care not to hurt the nozzle too hard.


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