What are the precautions for using the 6090 ceramic uv printer?

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Nowadays, all-purpose flatbed printers are developing rapidly in all walks of life. Nowadays, all-purpose flatbed printers have been widely used in tile printing production. However, due to improper operation, many problems can be caused. Today, a senior engineer of Micolorprint shares with you the 6090 uv printer for tile background wall when printing tiles. some of the main things.

        We all know that the print head of the universal flatbed printer is the most important part. Therefore, in the process of use, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the print head. Management, inkjet machine working parameters and software management, fault handling management, etc.

1: Maintenance of the nozzle

       When performing manual operations such as exhausting, adjusting pipes, and wiping the nozzles, it is necessary to do a good job of dustproof and anti-static protection throughout the process to avoid improper operation that causes dust to be adsorbed on the nozzles and cause defects. When wiping the nozzles, wear protective gloves and use a wet special dust-free cloth that has been cleaned and cleaned. For more operations, please follow the instructions of the UV flatbed printer manufacturer to maintain the nozzle.

2: Replacement of the filter

       Replace the filter regularly. The filter is an important part of the protection of the nozzle under normal working conditions. After a long time of use, some residues will accumulate, which will affect the efficiency of filtration, and thus affect the nozzle and the machine.

3: Regularly clean the ink system

       After a long-running time, the ink tank, filter, pipeline, nozzle, etc. will have a certain amount of ink particles deposited and adsorbed. Timely and thorough cleaning is conducive to the overall good operation of the inkjet machine and the stability of post-production. Careful cleaning is required.

4: Observe the parameters of the inkjet software

       Do not modify it arbitrarily. You need to back up all configuration files regularly to prevent the system from quickly restoring various device data when the system crashes due to unexpected circumstances. It is best to regularly check and kill computer viruses and repair loopholes in time.

5: Regular ink stirring

       Because ceramic ink is composed of inorganic colorant, organic solvent, dispersant, and other components, because the specific gravity of ceramic colorant is much larger than that of solvent, the colorant particles will settle to the bottom of the container after standing for a long time to form a colorant layer, which is called precipitation. Choosing a good ink is also essential.

6: Daily fuselage maintenance

       The fuselage should be wiped and cleaned, and the racks, nozzle shells, boards, etc. on the non-working surface should also be cleaned in time. Pay attention to check whether there is any abnormality such as air leakage, ink leakage, air bubbles, ink deposition, etc. in the ink inlet and outlet pipelines. During the cleaning operation, pay attention to disconnecting the power supply of the print head, discharging the static electricity on the body, and taking dust-proof measures.


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