What are the precautions when using the glass sliding door printer?

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After several years of development, Micolorprint’s glass door printers are sold to several domestic and international production and processing customers, making Micolorprint glass door printers famous and profitable for several customers. the subsequent items should be paid attention to during the utilization of the glass printer:

1. the perfect working environment for glass door printers is clean and free from dust

Because the long-term accumulation of dust will cause the surface of the guide shaft and other moving parts of the trolley to be dirty, the movement of the print head and other moving parts are going to be blocked or unsmooth, leading to the distortion of the printed image and text, and even the failure to print. The printer is broken.

2. the position of the glass door printer must make sure that it works on a stable platform

If it’s placed incorrectly for a protracted time, it’ll affect its printing speed and print quality. additionally, don’t place any objects on the printer to forestall falling objects from obstructing the traditional operation of the printer cart and other components and causing unnecessary failures.

3. don’t plug or unplug the transmission line when the facility is on, so as to not damage the printer port and therefore the port of the pc

If your glass door printer uses a port, please don’t plug or unplug the printing cable when powered to avoid damage to the printer port and also the port of the pc. Before not using the printer or moving it, confirm that the print head has returned to its original position. Reset the nozzle and canopy of the ink tank, then put off the printer power, and eventually unplug the ability cord and signal line. On the one hand, the print head will be sealed by the protection at the initial position to stop the nozzle from clogging. On the opposite hand, it also can Avoid waste of ink when the printer restarts cleaning the print head when it’s turned on next time. If an abnormal equipment failure occurs during work, the print head should be returned to the standby position to forestall the print head from drying out and causing the blockage.

4. attempt to use good quality medium

In order to cut back costs, many users will use low-quality plain paper for printing. After a protracted time, the print head will easily adhere to the impurities and fine fibers of the plain paper, which can cause the printer nozzle to dam. When using the printer media, first determine the right paper feeding direction, and also the overlap thickness of the paper mustn’t exceed the guide rail mark on the printer.

5. Choose high-quality ink suitable for your machine type

If you employ self-filling ink, please choose high-quality ink that suits your machine type, because some low-quality fakes are relatively cheap, but there’s a giant difference in quality from the initial or branded products. thanks to the tiny diameter of the inkjet head, the impurities within the poor-quality ink can cause it to dam, and therefore the printing effect isn’t satisfactory. additionally, various brands and models of printers use different chemical compositions of ink, so try and use the identical brand of ink, and don’t replace it frequently, so as to not be harmful to the ink cartridges and print heads.

6. When the ink shortage detection indicator is on, the cartridge should get replaced in time

When the ink within the cartridge of the glass door printer is exhausted, its detection indicator will provide a reminder. At now, the cartridge should get replaced in time. Different brands and models of printers have some differences in the method of replacing ink cartridges. Generally, you’ll be able to replace them consistently with the right method given within the printer instructions. When replacing the cartridge, use caution to not touch the outlet of the cartridge along with your hands to forestall impurities from entering the cartridge. don’t spill ink on the card to forestall component damage because of the conductivity of the ink. After the cartridge is replaced, print the nozzle test line. Compare the printed test line with the pattern displayed on the screen. If there’s a disconnection, jumper, etc., you wish to scrub it again until the printed test line is precisely identical because of the pattern displayed on the screen.

7. attempt to avoid continuous printing for an extended time

Because the continual printing time is simply too long, the print head will overheat, and other parts are going to be fatigued. this can have an impression on the service lifetime of the printer nozzles, and can even have a heavy impact on print quality and printing accuracy. Therefore, it’s best to let the glass door printer take a correct rest when the print volume is just too large.


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