What are the problems encountered in the use of the 6090 UV flatbed printer?

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1. The platform of the 6090 UV flatbed printer was still outside when the print command was issued.

a. There are multiple unexecuted printing tasks on the computer. The solution is to double-click the printer icon to delete all tasks in it.

b. The software is not set correctly, please set up the software again according to the instructions.

2. The printing is not completed, the carriage returns, and the UV flatbed printer control panel does not report an error.

a.USB is not plugged in.

b. It may be that the C drive is insufficient.

c. Check if the voltage is unstable.

3. The UV flatbed printer has a sudden color cast.

Check to see if the nozzles are lacking in color or lack color. Cleaning the print head can usually solve the problem.

4. Ghosting occurs during printing.

This problem is generally the reason that the grating is too dirty. Just clean the grating.

5. After turning on the machine, the character’s car suddenly moved to the left and made a noise.

The reason is that the grating is too dirty, just clean the grating.

6.6090 UV flatbed printer moves very slowly suddenly.

Just add lubricating oil to the guide rail.

7. Do you want to fill up the ink?

Just add the ink to half of the position, too much will affect the printing.

8. Are both holes on the ink bottle plugged?

One is the ink-filling hole, which must be plugged after ink-filling. The other is the vent hole, with a filter inserted into it.

It’s important to note that these solutions may not always work and it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s manual or seek professional help if the problem persists.


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