What are the processes and processes of the DTG Printer?

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With the continual improvement of people’s living standards, digital printing products have once become a stunning scenery line in our lives. Clothing, home textiles, home life, etc. are inseparable from digital printing. Indeed, the method and operation of textile printing machines are often one of the concerns of users. So next we come to grasp the method flow.

The process technology of textile machine printing sweaters and T-shirts is really very simple, mainly divided into four steps, picture processing, pre-spray treatment liquid, direct-injection printing, and color fixation. However, these four steps seem simple, but there are still some tricks. If you cannot control the essentials, either the printed effect is unsatisfactory, or the color is simple to clean off.

1. Picture disposal

In order to print better results, the effect of the printed picture must be good, the impurities within the picture must be cleaned, and therefore the color blocks that are susceptible to color difference must be fine-tuned within the picture processing software to confirm the standard of the image. Make basic preparations for the specified effect.

2. Disposal of liquid before spraying

Before the garments fabricated from pure cotton are fixed to the printer platform, they have to be pre-treated. The pre-treatment liquid for light-colored cotton fabrics and therefore the pre-treatment liquid for dark-colored cotton fabrics are different. The pre-treatment liquid for light-colored fabrics is principally accustomed to increase the vividness of the pattern; the pre-treatment liquid for dark-colored cotton fabrics is employed to chemically react with the white ink used for the primer, in order that the white ink is often firmly absorbed on the dark twig the material. The disposal tools are diversified, like professional spray coating equipment and electric spray cans. within the process of spraying the treatment liquid, it’s necessary to spray evenly to make sure that the treatment liquid is sufficient. The effect of uneven or lack of printing won’t be good, and it’s easy to clean off, and excessive spraying simply causes waste. Some brands of pretreatment liquid are expensive. Forming waste Sometimes the price of spraying a bit of clothing may exceed the price of white ink.

3. Direct printing

The writing is comparatively simple. When the machine is functioning, make sure that the machine is stable and don’t touch the info line and line at will. Choosing an appropriate machine can facilitate yours in one step.

4. Fixing

The product starting up of the textile printer is truly just a semi-waste product. After fixing the color, it is ensured that the pattern won’t fall off. There are certain tricks for fixing color. Heat will easily damage the material. If the temperature is just too low, the color fastness isn’t enough. If the time is simply too long, it’ll easily damage the material. If the time is simply too short, the pattern also will be damaged. Washed off. Therefore, it’s necessary to accurately grasp the time and temperature of fixing to create the effect of printing appear.


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