What are the reasons and solutions for the ink failure of the UV flatbed printer?

Table Of Contents

1. What are the factors to consider when ink failure occurs?

Temperature, humidity, printing speed, voltage, negative pressure, pipeline, ink nozzle condition, etc.

        There is slight ink breakage, and more and more needle breakage occurs at 50CM-100CM. After cleaning the nozzle, it is normal and recurs. At this time, it is mainly caused by temperature, humidity, voltage, negative pressure, ink viscosity, and slight loss of nozzles. The ink is severely broken, and the needle is severely broken within 30cm. Mainly due to excessive voltage deviation, serious loss of nozzles, pipeline blockage or air leakage, and ink quality problems.

2. Treatment method:

1) Adjust the voltage to about 32-34, and adjust the height of the auxiliary ink tank, the temperature is 16-27, and the humidity is 30-50.

2) Check the pipeline, the ink viscosity increases by 2-5% to the cleaning fluid, appropriately reduces the printing speed, and flush the nozzle.

3) Check whether there are air holes in the nozzle pipeline and the auxiliary ink tank. If the above methods are not used, it is basically caused by the ink quality and the aging of the nozzle.


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