What are the reasons for the blockage of the ink delivery line of the UV flatbed printer?

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The market for UV flatbed printers has been very hot in recent years, and then users have encountered different problems in the process of using them. Today I will share with you what are the reasons for the blockage of the ink delivery tube of the UV flatbed printer. , If this happens, you have insufficient experience and no technical staff to solve it, don’t be overwhelmed. Today, I will share the solutions of the well-known UV flatbed printer manufacturer Micolorprint’s senior after-sales technical engineers.

Use a flatbed printer to check whether there is any foreign matter at both ends of the ink delivery pipeline that causes blockage. If there are short crystals or foreign matter, you can use a straightened paper clip to remove the UV flatbed printer; if it is the blockage of the flatbed printer’s long pipeline, please contact the original manufacturer Or contact the local dealer to buy a new string tube (four rows of pipelines).

After ensuring that the ink outlet and the ink filling elbow are not blocked, use a syringe to draw ink from the ink outlet of the UV printer cartridge. If the ink level in the external UV printer cartridge does not float, it can be inferred that the ink delivery line is blocked.

Warm reminder from Micolorprint: You must always pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of universal flatbed printers, and remember to maintain the machine nozzles during small and long holidays. You need to keep the operating environment clean during the use of the machine. If the surrounding environment is too dusty, It is easy to enter the ink delivery pipeline, causing changes in the ink structure, blockage of the nozzles, or even damage to the nozzles; in addition, dust and grease on the track should be treated in time.


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