What are the reasons for the clogging of the head of the UV DTF printer?

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In the process of using a UV DTF printer, the most feared thing is the nozzle clogging. This will not only affect the production process and delay time but even more so that the nozzle will be scrapped and cause heavy losses. The reasons are as follows:

1. Do not clean the nozzles for a long time to make the ink solidify and block the nozzles of the universal printer.

Because ink is a volatile substance, when the ink accumulates to a certain extent, it will block the nozzle. The solution is to clean the nozzle frequently to keep the nozzle in a good and unobstructed state.

2. Use unqualified ink to block the print head of the universal printer.

Some users are cheap and buy cheap inks on the market. The ink density is too thick or it is not compatible with the nozzles and the nozzles are blocked. This is precisely because they picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelon. The original ink is the best fit for the print head, and the above situation will not occur, so it is recommended that the user purchase the original ink for the most insurance.

3. The print head of the flatbed printer is not protected when changing ink or adding ink.

When the ink was changed, it was not cleaned, and the ink mixed and caused the nozzle to block. This situation should be paid attention to.

4. When using the flatbed printer, it is not used within the operating temperature range.

Too high ambient temperature and too low ambient temperature will cause the ink to change its properties, thereby clogging it. This kind of blockage is easy to solve, as long as it is operated at a suitable ambient temperature and the nozzle is cleaned in time.

5. The piezoelectric crystal in the nozzle is damaged and the nozzle is blocked.

At this time, the service life of the nozzle is often reached, and the nozzle can only be replaced.

The above points are several common reasons for the nozzle blockage of the uv dtf printer during use. As long as you pay attention to it, you can use the universal printer for a long time without failure.


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