What are the reasons for the color deviation of UV printers?

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In the daily use of ultraviolet light printers, you will find that the color deviation between the printed pattern and the actual image is relatively large. So what is the key reason? The editor below consults technical staff and customers for feedback on this type of situation for the following reasons.

1. Ink problem.

Because the proportions of pigments in some inks are different from the ink strings in the ink cartridges, the printed patterns will have color deviation values.

2. The influence of the head.

When the print settings are normal, there is still a color deviation value of the printed color, which is caused by the unstable inkjet of the head, which is caused by the damage of the head during multiple cleanings.

3. The accuracy of the equipment itself.

Although the same heads are selected for printing accuracy and qualification, the actual printing results are also different. The key issue is the accuracy of the equipment. This will also cause the occurrence of color deviation values.

4. Printing software problem.

When we buy a UV printer, the manufacturer will be equipped with special software for the UV printer. The software can restore 100% of the colors. Will not cause color deviation values. Therefore, it is recommended to use the printing software that comes with the factory. It is not recommended to use other software, because the color deviation value may be caused when the pattern is printed.

   The above are a few of the reasons for the color deviation in post-press processing, I hope it will be of some help to you.


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