What are the reasons for the unclear print pattern after UV printer spray coating?

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When UV printers print glass, metal, and other smooth surfaces, they must first apply a layer of coating on the surface of the objects to increase the adsorption of ink and materials, facilitate imaging, and increase the clarity of picture quality. However, sometimes when the user is working with a flatbed printer, the printed pattern is not clear after using the coating.

Why is the pattern not clear after the coating is applied? What causes it?

Here the Micolorprint printer will tell you briefly.

    In this case, the first consideration is that the ink absorption performance of the coating itself is not good, which causes the ink to not penetrate into the coating, resulting in unbright and unclear colors. Here, Micolorprint flatbed printers recommend to buy the coating recommended by the manufacturer as much as possible, because the manufacturer recommends the most suitable coating after many trials and tests with many customers.

    If it is not the problem of the coating itself, you need to consider the mismatch between the type of coating and the ink. When using the coating for flatbed printers, you must pay attention to the specificity of the coating. A material can usually only be matched with one coating Layers should not be randomly matched. If the matching problem is not considered, the adhesion of the ink will decrease; the coating used for different ink properties is different. If the coating is used indiscriminately, the ink will dissolve into the coating in severe cases.

    If it is not the problem of the coating itself and the ink matching, you need to check whether the coating is completely dry or over-dried during printing. If the coating is not completely dry, use a UV machine for pattern printing. The ink will easily diffuse into the coating, which will cause the pattern to be unclear.

    If it is not the above three problems, then it is necessary to consider whether it is a problem of the working environment. If it is rainy season or humid weather, the surrounding environment humidity is too high, which will affect the dryness of the coating surface and also affect the final pattern definition.

    If you still cannot solve the problem after searching for the cause according to the above, then you need to contact the flatbed printer manufacturer to ask a professional and technical person to solve it. Each UV printer manufacturer's machine uses different ink batches, and the layers required for each ink are different, so the deployment of the coating involves very complex chemical expertise, which is also a test for manufacturers Factors of whether the technology is strong.

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