What are the reasons why Micolorprint analyzes UV ink to block the head?

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The UV eco-solvent ink produced by Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology has been continuously improved after years of research and testing. The current product is very mature. It is used with the flatbed printer produced by our company. In the process of use, it still responds that there is a phenomenon of blocking the head. There are actually many reasons for the blocked heads. Generally, the blocked heads are not really blocked, but a false head blocked temporarily or operationally during use. We will summarize and classify the possible situations. and list the corresponding solutions.

1: Dirty blocked heads

This type of plug is generally caused by fluff or dust on the printing material.

2: The sundries block the head

This is that tiny objects in the ink enter the head and block the ink outlet.

3: Filter blocking head

If you use inferior ink for a long time, the larger substances and harmful solvents in the ink will be blocked in front of the filter screen, and the head will be blocked after a long time.

4: Dry and block the head

Often in a considerable period of time without causing.

5: Chemical plugging of heads

Often, inks of different properties are used to cause chemical reactions, causing jelly to block the heads.

6: Bacterial spoilage plugs the head

This type of blockage of the heads often occurs when the temperature is above 20 degrees, and the bacteria in the ink multiply, causing the ink to rot and degenerate, and flocculent rotten substances appear inside the heads.

7: Scaling blockage of heads

Due to the improper treatment of water in some ink manufacturing processes, the water is too hard, and the minerals in the water will be fouled on the head after long-term use, resulting in a smaller effective diameter of the head, which often starts with horizontal lines in the print.

8: Oily plugging heads

The ink cart needs lubricating oil, and sometimes the lubricating oil will spread to the head, changing the physical properties of the head, resulting in a phenomenon similar to blocking the head.

9: Electrical plugging head

Some printer heads are equipped with ink or ink cartridge chip electrical performance detection. When non-standard ink or chips are detected, the ink valve will be closed to varying degrees, so that the ink cannot pass through the head normally. Such blocked heads are called false plugs.

10: Gas blocking head

Some inks have poor defoaming performance, and bubbles will be generated in the ink. Once the bubbles enter the print head, it is difficult to come out, causing air to block the print head.

Knowing the causes of these problems, we can easily find solutions.


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