What are the requirements for the production of pictures and output images of UV flatbed printers?

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The size of the printed image is the same as the actual required screen size, which is different from printing.

Requirements for the black part of the image

It is strictly forbidden to have a single black value in both print and photo images. C, M, and Y colors must be added to form a mixed black.

Image resolution requirements

Printed images are often very large. If the resolution of printing is used for large screens, the computer will be exhausted. In fact, there are different standards for the resolution of UV flatbed printing images.

Image mode requirements

UV flatbed printers use the CMKY mode uniformly. The current universal printers are all four-color universal printing. When taking pictures, you must follow the printing standards and adjust the color of the screen to be close to the sample.

Image storage requirements

UV flatbed printing and photo images are best stored in TIF format. Note that compressed formats are not available. The media used by UV flatbed printers are generally hard materials, such as advertising cloth…, the ink uses oily ink to ensure the screen Persistence, and the general picture color is a bit darker than the color on the monitor.


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