What are the toxicity of UV ink and its solutions?

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Compared with traditional printing pigments (solid, liquid, powder), UV ink is greatly improved in environmental protection. Especially after printing on the surface of the material for 12 hours, it basically has no smell and can be in direct contact with the skin. But it still contains a small amount of toxicity, after all, the ink contains chemicals.

What needs to be understood is that the cheaper the inferior UV ink is, the more toxic it is. Compared with imported high-end UV ink, the toxic damage can reach 10 times or even higher.

The harm of UV ink is mainly manifested in two aspects:

1. Corrosiveness of ink: 

A small number of people have sensitive skin. After contact with UV ink, rashes, and allergies will occur. They need to be washed immediately and apply ointment. If it accidentally splashes into the eyes, rinse with water immediately.

2. The smell of ink is pungent: 

some people, especially those with rhinitis or respiratory tract sensitivity, are easily irritated and cause discomfort.


1. The indoor ventilation should be smooth. Do not install the UV printer in a closed and unventilated place.

2. If possible, the UV printer operating room can be isolated separately.

3. If there are no separate isolation conditions, you can choose to wear a mask for filtering.

4. Technicians should exercise more, eat more fruits, pay attention to their diet, etc. to improve their body’s immunity.

Whether it is the operator or the user himself, there is no need to worry too much about UV ink. This is within the acceptable range of the human body, and a few cases of discomfort are very rare. If you are a woman and are pregnant, Micolorprint technicians recommend not to operate the device.

A small number of users asked whether UV ink can cause cancer. This is a bit too worrying. They are not stupid enough to pick up the bottle and drink the ink. The usual smell is similar to the smell of gasoline and diesel when we drive, as long as we do not eat, drink, and live 24 hours a day. There is no problem in the workshop.


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