What are the wrong operation methods of the uv flatbed printer’s head?

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The head is the core component of the UV flatbed printer, which affects the operation of the entire machine. After buying the machine and returning it, you must carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine. The head is the most frequently used part of the UV flatbed printer. The high degree of use indicates that the loss of the nozzle will increase. Therefore, in daily work, everyone should strengthen the maintenance of the machine head and do regular inspections to ensure the complete operation of the head.

When the print head is in operation, it is inevitable that the staff will inadvertently do behaviors that damage the print head of the UV printer. Let’s learn together with everyone what behaviors will cause damage to the print head.

One: power supply

In the process of using the glass printer, the staff usually disassemble, install, and clean the head without turning off the power, which is a serious wrong behavior. Loading and unloading the print head without turning off the power will cause different degrees of damage to the components of the system links, and finally, affect the printing effect. In addition, when cleaning the head, you need to turn off the power first and be careful not to let the water touch the circuit board and other systems to avoid damage to the parts.

Two: Ink

UV flatbed printers have very strict requirements on the ink they use. You can’t use different types of UV ink at will, or use ink and cleaning fluid of poor quality. Using different types of inks at the same time will cause color differences in the printing effect; while using inks of poor quality will cause nozzle blockages, and bad cleaning fluids may corrode the nozzles. Therefore, when purchasing inks, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pay more attention to UV ink.

Three: cleaning method

The head is the most sensitive part of the machine. In daily work, the way to clean the nozzle is also not sloppy. You cannot use a high-pressure gun to clean the head, which will cause certain damage to the head. It should also be noted that the head cannot be over-cleaned, because The cleaning fluid is a little bit corrosive. If it is used excessively, it will cause the head to corrode and damage head. Some people also use ultrasonic cleaning. Although this cleaning can achieve a very clean effect, it will also have an adverse effect on the head. If the head is not clogged seriously, it is recommended not to use ultrasonic cleaning to clean the head.

Four: Unreasonable use of external force

When the staff adjusts the position of the nozzle, sometimes they may not grasp the strength properly, resulting in damage to the head. Therefore, when the staff uses the UV printer, especially when adjusting the position of the head, remember not to use brute force to adjust the head, and must grasp the strength.


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