What are three reasons why uv printer speed is more important than accuracy?

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Compared with the accuracy, the speed of the UV printer is more important in the actual printing process. Many users who are new to uv printers are more likely to ignore this point. Too much emphasis is placed on the precision of the uv printer head while ignoring the more important speed.

First of all, it is necessary to calculate the actual working hours of a UV printer every year. After deducting statutory holidays, off-peak seasons, employee leave, unit activities, equipment maintenance, etc., the remaining working hours per year are only 200 days, usually calculated on the basis of 7-8 months.

Secondly, the price created by the equipment/day = the output printed on the day * the price of a single piece. The output of printing on the day actually refers to the speed, the faster the speed, the greater the quantity, otherwise, the less the quantity. The price of a single chip depends on the added value, which includes (design, packaging, installation) and other services that can increase the added value. But the latter is too subjective and highly uncertain. Moreover, in the actual process, many users often do not have a design department or an operation department, and most of them are workshops with 3-5 people.

After clarifying these two basic points, we will analyze the reason why the speed of the UV printer is more important than the accuracy.

1. Technically speaking:

The higher the accuracy of the uv printer head, in actual printing, the probability of clogging, the number of cleaning and maintenance, and the cost of later maintenance and replacement are all high; on the contrary, the accuracy is not very high, but the speed of the head is fast. costs are much lower.

2. 60% of the high-precision mode is not used:

Just like a car, it can’t be driven several times a year at a speed of more than 140%; a computer, 70% of its performance is wasted. The same is true for high-precision uv printers. Considering the lack of design and packaging, considering the small quantity and low profit, and considering the operation of technicians, printing in high-precision or ultra-high-precision mode is very rare.

3. Making money often depends on quantity, and rarely depends on the added value of a single chip:

The profit of printing processing often depends more on the output. After the output increases, the printing machine will not be easy to break down. The various needs of end customers seem to have high profits per piece, but the process is complicated and the requirements are relatively high, and a lot of time is wasted. On the contrary, it is not more profitable to process in batches of thousands or tens of thousands.

Finally, from the input cost of equipment. Generally, the higher the precision of the head, the higher the cost of the equipment, and the higher the maintenance cost in the later period. If there are no special requirements, in fact, the lower precision, uv printer head 12PL or 7PL is enough to meet 90% of daily printing needs.


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