What brand of lipstick tube uv printer is good?

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Beauty is the nature of every woman, there is no age limit, and lipsticks and bags are almost the standard equipment of every beauty woman. As we all know, in the cosmetics industry, word of mouth is one of the best-selling products. In order to attract users to increase sales, businesses usually print various beautiful patterns on lipstick tubes. This kind of equipment that can print lipstick tubes, we just It is called a lipstick tube uv printer.


First of all, it must be admitted that printing personalized patterns on lipstick tubes can indeed attract more consumers’ attention and gain more market opportunities. Next, we will give you a popular science about the printing principle of the lipstick tube uv printer.

Different from traditional silk screen printing, the uv printer only needs the operator to open the pre-designed pattern on the computer software. When printing, the device will print the ink on the surface of the lipstick tube, and use the principle of uv curing to fix the pattern on the product. , It is ready to be dried, the color is bright, and it has many advantages compared with the traditional screen printing process.

Having said so much, what brand of lipstick tube uv printer is good? The uv printer produced by Micolorprint can achieve 3D and embossed effects, and has the characteristics of waterproof and sun protection, and the color is bright and does not fade, which is deeply loved by customers.


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