What can uv printers print?

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Friends who are new to the digital printing industry often ask this question: What can uv printers print?

In the industry, the uv printer is also known as the universal printer, which means that it can print many kinds of materials, almost not limited by the material. We have sorted it out and provided it for your reference:

Decoration industry: glass, ceramic tile, plastic, stone, wood, floor, metal, fiberboard, uv board, wallpaper, decorative painting, etc.;

Advertising industry: advertising cloth, signs, PVC, KT board, soft film, light box advertising, acrylic, etc.;

Packaging industry: packaging boxes, gift boxes, wooden boxes, etc.;

Handicraft industry: oil painting, ceramics, jade, safety button, etc.;

Personalized customization industry: leather, shoes, toys, carpets, t-shirts, mobile phone cases, etc.;

With the continuous advancement of uv printing technology, uv printers are no longer limited to printing flat and roll materials. Cylinders and curved materials can also be printed. It is a veritable universal printer.


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