What causes garbled characters in UV dtf printers?

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If the uv dtf printer does not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, it may print garbled characters when it is used for a long time. Why does garbled code appear? How to solve this problem? Today, I will briefly talk about the Micolorprint flatbed printer with you.

If the uv dtf printer is a USB machine

This printer garbled phenomenon usually manifests as skipping PASS printing and serious misalignment.

First, check whether the grating and grating decoder are dirty. If the grating and grating decoder are dirty, they need to be cleaned; if they are damaged, they need to be replaced. If the grating and grating decoder is not damaged, it may be a computer problem. The computer should be reinstalled, and the control software should be reinstalled after the system is installed. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try another computer. Usually, USB-type uv printers have garbled characters. If the raster and raster decoding are normal, it is basically a computer problem.

If the uv dtf printer is a PCI card machine

A lot of garbled characters in this printer are vertical thin line garbled characters. The most obvious phenomenon is that the car moves normally, and vertical thin lines appear on the screen. In this case, the first is to reconnect the optical fiber and unplug the PCI card, and then print the test. If there are still garbled characters, this may be a problem with the optical fiber and the trolley board. If there are garbled characters and dislocations at the same time, there may be a problem with the PS line, and the PS line needs to be swapped. If it still can’t be solved after switching the PS line, it may be the problem of the character car board. Generally speaking, when the uv printer of the PCI card is working, only thin lines are garbled without dislocation, which is mostly a fiber problem. In addition, computer problems may also cause garbled characters.


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