What do I need to know about buying a uv printer?

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1. Is this print head designed for solvent ink or specifically designed for UV ink?

Some nozzles are not made for printing UV ink.

The early model Epson print head is an example. At that time, Epson did not consume UV curing printers by itself. Epson only consumed water-based and solvent-based printers for photo printers and artworks. This does not mean that they cannot radiate UV-curable inks, it only means that the nozzles may require special inks.

Therefore, this question helps you understand whether the print head can be designed to print UV ink from the beginning.

2. How many nozzles does each print head have?

This can help you understand the speed or speed of the printer.

3. What is the total number of nozzles in the printer?

nozzles have a single-color nozzle that can only spray one color, and a multi-color nozzle that can spray multiple colors.
Take the Ricoh GEN5 print head as an example. It has different models such as two-channel and four-channel. When used on the machine, it can print only one color with one print head, or print two colors with one print head (two-channel and four-channel All can), can print four colors with one print head (four-channel print head).

4. Is there a special white ink or varnish nozzle? Can they be the same model as CMYK nozzles?

Since the use of larger nozzles can make white ink better, some printers only need white ink to have a “white ink droplet size advantage”. Other printers use the same head for any and all colors. Regarding varnish, ask experienced printer operators and printer designers which head is suitable for lubrication. Disposing of varnish is not as easy as disposing of ink. On a comparable basis, make sure that your white ink has a recirculation system (otherwise white particles will settle and block the nozzle).

5. If this piezoelectric head fails, who will be the payment changer? What are the common causes of print head problems? 

What are the causes of the defects covered by the warranty? Which causes of print head failure are not covered by the warranty? Is there a limit to the number of print head faults that can be concealed per unit time?

If the fault is caused by a user error, most manufacturers will ask the user to pay for the replacement of the print head. Most of the problems are indeed user errors, and the common cause is head hits.

6. What is the print height of the nozzle? Can it prevent the nozzle from hitting?

The impact is a common cause of premature damage to the print head (improper loading of the media can cause bending, the media rubs against the fragile nozzle plate, or does not pass the printer properly). One head impact may damage only a few nozzles, or it may damage the entire nozzle. Another reason is continuous flushing, which can damage the nozzle system.

7. How many print heads are there for each color?

This will shed more light on how slow or fast your printer’s inkjet speed is.

8. How many picoliters are the ink droplets of the nozzle? Is there a variable droplet talent?

The smaller the droplet, the better the printing quality. However, a smaller droplet size will reduce the speed of the print head system. Similarly, a print head that produces a larger droplet size cannot provide the same print quality, but the print speed is often better.


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