What does the pass of the UV flatbed printer mean?

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Pass is often seen in the parameters of UV flatbed printers, such as 4pass, 6pass, and 8pass. How much do you know about it? Does it mean “pass” in English? The pass in the UV printer parameters obviously does not mean this. In the printing industry, “pass” refers to the number of times that the screen needs to be printed (the number of masks per unit area). The higher the passed value, the slower the printing speed, and the higher the accuracy. The quality of the product is also better. On the contrary, the lower the value, the faster the speed and the lower the accuracy. Usually, inkjet printing equipment such as UV printers, 4pass, and 6pass printing is more common. For example: to print a 4pass image, each pixel needs to be divided into 4 masking printing to complete, usually adding the number of passes can further improve the image quality. Pass represents the number of runs of the print head to finish printing a line of graphs during printing, 4pass means 4 passes, and so on.

What does the pass of the UV flatbed printer mean?

Several times of ink-jetting to complete the printing area is called a few passes. Different passes have different stacking points and different colors. Passes are usually controllable on the printer’s control software. Options, such as the RIP printing software of the flatbed printer, the user can use the set PASS to print according to the relevant needs when printing, which can make the UV printing output a perfect picture effect.

How to solve the problem of pass wire drawing in a UV printer?

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish whether there is a problem with the pass or the problem of disconnection. If it is a pass, stop printing immediately, and then print the test strip directly. If it is a disconnection, check which colors are broken, and if the color is broken The marginal part above the nozzle should be that the pump composition does not match the nozzle well, and the orientation of the two needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation; if there are several ink breaks in the middle of the nozzle, it should be a circuit breaker, especially the ink. If the sac is used for a long time, it will appear, or the ink sac and the nozzle of the nozzle are not inserted tightly enough, causing air leakage.


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