What factors are closely related to the price of UV flatbed printers?

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When buying things, what everyone cares about the most is the price. I hope to spend the least money to buy the most cost-effective products. Then what factors are the prices of UV flatbed printers that everyone cares about are related to? The author will briefly introduce the most important three points…

First: brand effect

        The price of some well-known products in the industry will definitely be higher than the price of some Sanwu products because the quality is not in the same grade. If you only care about the price and not the quality, you can consider this product, but I believe that most people are still rational. He will sow the seeds of trouble for himself because he is greedy for a temporary bargain. The price determines the quality, and the old saying that you get what you pay for is still very reasonable. For example, the flatbed printers produced by Micolorprint occupy most of the market at home and abroad. Even if the price has no advantage, they are still trusted by the majority of consumers, with good quality and good service. These are the best advertisements in Wuxing, and you can buy them back for use. The good customers of the company will naturally bring more customers to it, which has established a good reputation invisibly. And always adhering to the corporate philosophy of “science and technology as the guide, quality as the center, and service as the whole process”, through continuous improvement, always master high-end precision core technology, exquisite manufacturing process and product quality control, and use professional services to help customers. To create higher value, these insist on bringing huge benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, when purchasing a machine, choose a brand machine as much as possible, so that the guarantee is more comprehensive.

Second: Format size, head series

        As we all know, the larger the format, the higher the requirements for the machine, so the price of the uv flatbed printer is closely related to the size of the printable format. For example, the price of a machine that prints some small objects will be cheaper, such as Micolorprint’s 60*90cm uv printer The price is about USD8000-USD6000, and the price of printing some large finished machines will also be expensive. For example, the price of Micolorprint’s 170*900cm uv printer is about USD15000. In addition, different heads have different prices. Ricoh’s head is more expensive than EPSON’s head. After all, Ricoh’s heads are industrial-grade high-speed heads. There are natural advantages in accuracy and speed, and the price will naturally be more expensive.

Third: product parts

        Most of the better brands will have a key part. Such parts may have unique functions and may have a relatively long life. The most important thing is that some parts are imported from abroad, especially It is Germany or Japan because the parts produced in these two countries are often of relatively high quality. Long service life), Japan’s Panasonic servo system (high precision, long service life), parts are less worn during use than parts produced in other countries, so the quality of the parts is also related to the machine. price is inseparable.

        The price of a UV flatbed printer is determined by many aspects. The above three points are the most important factors so that everyone can know what standard to choose according to when choosing in the future. Before buying, it is best to go to the factory to inspect and see The strength of the manufacturer, make more comparisons, and try to buy the most suitable brand machine within your own budget, which will save a lot of unnecessary costs, and also reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.


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