What is a DTG printer? how to used it?

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What is a DTG printer?

Flatbed printers are used in clothing and are called DTG printers in the industry. Compared with the UV printer, it just lacks the UV system, and the other parts are the same.

DTG printers are used to print clothes, and special textile inks must be used. If you only print white or light-colored clothes, you don’t need white ink, and even all the nozzles in the printer can be changed to color channels. If you install two Epson nozzles in your machine, you can make them print CMYK four-color or CMYKLcLm six-color, and the corresponding efficiency will be improved a lot. If you want to print dark clothing, you must use white ink. If the machine still has two Epson nozzles, one nozzle tube is white and one nozzle tube is CMYK four-color or CMYKLcLm six-color. In addition, because textile white inks are generally much more expensive than colored inks on the market, the cost of printing dark-colored clothes is often twice that of light-colored clothes.

The basic process of DTG printer printing clothing:

1. When printing light-colored clothes, use the pre-treatment liquid to simply treat the area where the clothes are to be printed and then put it on the heat press for about 30 seconds. If you want to print dark clothes, you need to use a fixing agent to process them before pressing them. Although the use of the two is different, the core role is to fix the color and increase the saturation of the color.

So why is it necessary to press before printing? That’s because the surface of the clothes will have a lot of slender plush, if it is not pressed down by pressing, it will easily affect the accuracy of the ink drop. Moreover, if it gets on the nozzle, it may also affect the service life of the nozzle.

2. After pressing, spread it on the machine for printing, and ensure that the surface of the clothes is as flat as possible. Adjust the print height of the nozzle and print directly. During printing, keep the room as clean as possible and free of dust.

3. As the textile ink is used, it cannot be printed and dried immediately. After printing, you need to put it on the heat press machine and press it again for about 30 seconds. This pressing will cause the ink to penetrate directly into the fabric of the clothes and solidify. If it is done well, it will not fade if it is washed directly in water after pressing. Of course, whether the clothes will fade when printed on a textile machine is related to two factors, one is the quality of the ink, and the other is the fabric. Normally, cotton or high-cotton fabrics will not fade.


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