What is a mobile phone case cloud printer?

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What is a mobile phone case cloud printer?

The mobile phone case cloud printing enables printing to go beyond the geographical restrictions of the local area network through the Internet, realizes cross-network and multi-terminal remote printing anytime, anywhere, and meets the needs of cloud-based application software. The entire printing closed-loop process can be described as follows: the mobile phone case cloud printing uses the Internet as the carrier, the terminal device uploads the pictures to be printed to the Micolorprint cloud server platform, and the Micolorprint cloud platform sends the data information to the mobile phone case printer. A way to realize remote and off-site printing of mobile phone cases.

The biggest advantage of mobile phone case cloud printing compared with local phone case printers is.

1. It is not limited by distance, and can meet multi-terminal remote printing.

2. The terminal system does not need to install a printer driver and can print anytime, anywhere.

3. Avoid some problems such as time-consuming queues, remote distances, and service attitudes in traditional printing shops, and have the advantages of high efficiency, convenience, and speed.

4. No need for PS editing, you can scan and print directly.


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