What are signage and the role of signage?

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Signs and signs can be seen everywhere in our daily lives as if we have become a habit, even though we have been numb to ignore their existence, if one day in the future, signs, and signs disappear in our lives, then our society will What will it be like?

First: If there are no traffic signs and signs in our lives, then what kind of chaos will occur when we travel? 

Drivers will not be able to correctly judge the road conditions and adjust the speed reasonably, which will cause traffic jams, waste time and energy, and violate traffic rules. , Damages their own interests, but also causes great harm to the safety of pedestrians.


Second: If there is no safety sign in a dangerous place, we do not know how to avoid it in time. 

This will greatly increase the risk factor, which will not only bring hidden dangers and economic losses to our own personal safety but also to Other people and public property bring hidden dangers. This shows the importance of signage in our lives.


Third: If there are no signs such as house numbers or room plates in hospitals, schools, companies, etc., 

we can imagine that if we walk into an area and go to a certain room in a certain building, there is no sign at this time. , And no one can ask the way, what will happen to us? Will we go around like headless flies? We may have to walk down all the buildings one by one before we know our destination. This is not just a waste Of our time and energy, it also broke our plan, which may cause irreparable losses to one of our events.


In fact, there are many other signs that we haven’t mentioned, such as fire safety, pipelines, warnings, electrical safety sig

And these seemingly insignificant signs and signs that we take for granted are very important to our lives. They are also inseparable from our sign and sign printers. Without this machine, we cannot make our lives so convenient. The signs are visible. The market prospects of signage cannot be underestimated, Shenzhen Micolorprint buys a sign printer to get a surprise price, hurry up and take the hotline for a consultation!


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