What is the application of UV flatbed printer in printing diatom mud foot pads?

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How to choose a uv flatbed printer?

Diatom mud foot pads are printed using UV technology. At present, the technology is very mature. When choosing a UV flatbed printer, you need to pay attention to choosing an industrial type nozzle with a larger nozzle hole. From the perspective of technology and actual production feedback, there are four main reasons:

1. Water absorption performance

Through a large number of field tests, it was reported that nozzles with fine nozzle holes (such as Epson fifth-generation nozzles, small Ricoh heads, etc.) with high precision are more serious about diatom mud penetration performance, which will affect the water absorption performance of diatom mud pads and reduce the cost in practical applications. Effect.

2. Ink density

If the nozzle holes of the nozzle are small and fine, the amount of ink used to print the pattern will be reduced, and the density of UV ink will be higher than that of the thick nozzle, which will also reduce the water absorption performance of the diatom mud pad.

3. Production efficiency

Taking the Seiko gs508 nozzle as an example, the measured speed in production mode is 36㎡/hour. Other types of nozzles are generally around 20 square meters, and some are less than 15㎡. The efficiency is not satisfactory.

4. On-site environment

There is a lot of dust at the diatom mud site. In this environment, the service life of the nozzles will be damaged. The more civilian-type nozzles are, the faster they will be damaged. For example, the lifespan of the fifth generation of civilian Epson is half of that. The gs508 nozzle will be damaged by about 20%.

Diatom mud foot pads UV printed finished products:

Diatom mud foot pads
Diatom mud foot pads
Diatom mud foot pads
Diatom mud foot pads

Diatom mud foot pad material features:

1. Non-toxic and strong humidity adjustment ability;

2. Purify the air, make it comfortable and practical;

Diatom mud foot pad material advantages:

1. Easy to dry, not easy to accumulate dust and not easy to get moldy;

2. No bacterial growth and easy to clean.

Generally speaking, diatom mud floor mats have a great market prospect and are widely used in various places such as bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, conference rooms, etc. The added value of the product is much higher, and the demand is huge, and the replacement cycle is relatively short. short.


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