What is the difference between ordinary printers, uv flatbed printers, and 3d printers?

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There are always many people who are stupid about ordinary printers, uv flatbed printers, and 3d printers. Today, Micolorprint Xiaobian will analyze their differences with you.

        I often hear some voices saying why UV flatbed printers are so much more expensive than ordinary printers, and what is the difference between them. How do we distinguish the difference between them, and how to judge the value gap between them, today I will briefly introduce it to you. For more information, please pay attention to the Shenzhen Micolorprint uv flatbed printer manufacturer.

The difference between ordinary printers and uv flatbed printers

 1: The size of the print format.

There are many specifications for the size of UV flatbed printers. For example, Micolorprint has 60*90CM, 42*90CM, 65*60CM, 250*130CM, and other formats.

2: Whether the ink used is UV ink, some flatbed printers use weak solvent or sublimation, or even water-based ink.

3: For UV flatbed printers, due to the use of special UV lamps, the lamps generate a lot of heat. For thin PVC, plexiglass, and other materials, the medium is easily deformed by heat, so it is more suitable for printing hard and not easily deformed by heat. , medium with a flat surface.

4: UV printers can directly print the effect of relief, while ordinary flatbed printers cannot; in addition, they have different media requirements, UV printers can print on glass, acrylic, aluminum plates, steel plates, slate, and other materials that are extremely difficult to adhere to. Ordinary flatbed printers generally can only print on cardboard, wood, and easy-to-color plastic plates.

The difference between a UV flatbed printer and a 3d printer

What is a 3d printer?

Literally, it means three dimensions, three dimensions, and three coordinates, that is, length, width, and height.

What is a uv flatbed printer like?

In addition to three-dimensional printing, the uv printer prints 3d embossed patterns on various materials. As long as the medium does not exceed 200mm, enter the pattern you want to print on the computer, and you can print it out. The uv universal flatbed printer is mainly Through the layering of colors, a 3D three-dimensional effect is printed, which makes the pattern look more realistic. The embossed three-dimensional pattern is mainly piled up with white ink, and the three-dimensional effect is full.

        Simply put, 3D printers are purely printing three-dimensional models. They mainly use metal powder, plastic powder, and other materials to spray a three-dimensional model, while uv printers print graphics. The difference between them is very obvious.


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